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20 Wadham Street
North Somerset
BS23 1JZ

The Blakehay Theatre

The Blakehay is owned and operated by Weston-super-Mare Town Council. It was built in 1850 and was Weston-super-Mare’s first Baptist church and first public building.
Hans Price was commissioned in 1862 to adapt and enlarge the building but during the Second World War it was hit by bombs and needed to be rebuilt. 
The theatre was saved in 1986 from demolition by the Weston-super-Mare trust and run by the Civic Society until the Town Council purchased it in 2004.

Blakehay Theatre

The name for the theatre comes from a field that originally lay between the High Street and Wadham Street which was called ’Black Hay’.

Now the Blakehay is used for performances and various meetings. The auditorium at The Blakehay has seating for 220 including wheelchair access. There are also two studios for smaller functions, a kitchen and sitting area.