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Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre

The Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre is home to the National Fairground Collection. 
It is a unique facility in the UK that has been designed to capture the magic of a bygone age through various exhibits, vintage engineering and stunning artwork displays.

Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre

A new feature for 2007 will be the "Pleasurelands" exhibition, which traces 200 years of Fun at the Fair. A visit to Pleasurelands is a must for anyone interested in the fairs. The first section of Pleasurelands focuses on Spectacle and contains artefacts pertinent to this aspect of the fairground. There are some wonderful images capturing the essence of this part of the show. The first of several screens will show films compiled from historic and contemporary footage from the collection of the National Fairground Archive.

The Spectacle gallery contains examples of mounts from rides. This section is imaginatively lit, and combined with the creative use of mirrors and backing music helps simulate something of the atmosphere of a fair.
The next part of the show is Experience. This looks at the attitudes to and memories of fairs and the whole fairgoing experience. This is illustrated by examples of traditional fairground games and rides.
The Illusion theme includes a display showing material relating to showmanship and illusion. Tom Norman the great showman watches over proceedings, which include early posters and a showing of the original film of the life of Charles Peace which was the first "feature" film ever made in this country. Also in this section is a Peppers’ Ghost reconstruction, and displays relating to Freak Shows, Menageries and other Shows. Visitors can also entertain themselves with a set of distorting mirrors. The final section of Pleasurelands deals with Reality - Beyond the Illusion and takes a look behind the scenes at the families and the fairground way of life.