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Bristol Ice Rink

Ice Skating in Bristol

Come rain or shine there’s always something to do in and around Bristol at the weekend. After many months of my eight year old son badgering me to take him Ice skating I finally succumbed to his requests and off to Bristol Ice Rink we went.

Bristol Ice Rink hasn’t changed in over forty years. Its very basic but functional which adds to its charm and looking at the number of people skating every Sunday as I have this last month, ice skating is as popular now as it ever was. I had a voucher for free skate hire so all it cost me was £5.75each for 2 hrs- excellent value wouldn’t you say.

The first Sunday Harry and I skated he went slowly around the outside until his confidence grew. Although we did not book any lessons Harry quickly picked up on how to skate. Then it was off getting quicker and quicker and no more holding the sides.

I was very surprised at how many people were here on a Sunday morning and the age of the skaters form toddlers to several grandparents. Singles, small group of girls and boys even a young couple all zipping bye.

As for the father and son morning out, well Harry soon found some school friends and I was made redundant. This has become the norm and each week more and more of Harry’s friends and school buddies have been turning up, before long his school will be taking over. So it’s off to the café for Cappuccino for me. The café is at the side and over looks part of the ice rink where the ice skating lessons take place. Again the options are basic but hold hunger at bay and offer reasonably priced refreshments both hot and cold .

Now we have a Sunday ritchual. Harry meets his school mates on Sunday morning for a couple of hours ice skating and I get a couple of hours to read the paper in peace with a couple of cups of cappuccinos.

With the fine old British summer come and gone (I didn’t see much of it) there’s no better enjoyment and an excellent way of keeping fit than for the kids to go Ice skating.

As for the adrenaline junkies out there, well there’s Ice Karting which takes place a couple of times a month in the week. You can find all the details for opening times, skating lesson charges, group and educational. You can find out about Ice karting under the corporate heading on their website.

Bristol Ice Rink is the only Ice rink in the South West; the nearest rink in the area is Cardiff.

You can download a voucher for free skate hire from the activities section on  or  or pick up a copy of the latest Bristol review for a voucher.

You can visit Bristol ice rinks website by logging on

Jim Heal October 2007.

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