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Noahs Ark Zoo

Review of Noahs Ark Farm

Just thought I would draw your attention to one of your recommended destinations on your website, Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm.

Although Noah’s Ark farm is presented as a friendly family zoo, it is actually a centre for creationist propaganda. To see a toned-down version of what they teach as fact in their educational sessions and in posters around the zoo, please take a look at the education section of their website.

They are presenting this claptrap as scientific fact to impressionable young minds as though it is part of the national curriculum. It isn’t. It is fundamentalist religious propaganda, dressed up as scientific truth. The zoo is not advertised as a religiously themed attraction - it is presented as a zoo farm that runs ’educational’ workshops about animals and natural history.

I believe that this hidden agenda should be made very clear to parents before they take their children to this attraction. I can just imagine many rational Christian, muslim or atheist parents being deeply offended by the hard-line, left-field religious views promoted by this zoo once visitors come through its gates. I also believe that the fact that Noah’s Ark staff keep this agenda well disguised on their publicity materials clearly signifies that they realize that their beliefs would alarm many parents.

Personally, I hope that you remove this destination from your website as a recommended destination. However, even if you feel unable to remove them entirely from your listings, I think that you should make it clear on your site that Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm is a religious destination promoting dubious biology as scientific fact, that runs contrary to science, common sense and the national curriculum. 

Kind regards,


Review of Noahs Ark Farm submitted by Sam Feb 2007

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