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Quad biking

Quad biking
Jim Heal - April 2005

Quad biking is an extremely popular activity amongst many groups from as young as seven to those in their seventies, this is a sport that has no age barrier and it is an ideal team building activity. It gets the adrenaline going while you race across rough terrain and it brings out everyone’s competitive streak.

Quad biking may not be everyone’s idea of an extreme sport, but when you can only see six feet in front of you, it certainly feels like one!

On arriving at the Action Centre in Sandford near Churchill just ½ hrs drive from Bristol I was taken in the centres crew bus to be kitted out and introduced to the quad bikes, the instructor gave a run down on the machine, how to operate them safely and what we were allowed to do and what not to do.

We were given a quick run down on how to operate both the 50cc and 100cc quads and we were then sent on our merry way around the track once we had shown we could be in control of these powerful machines.

The Action Centre runs the quad biking most weekends with prices starting at just £12. You can choice from having a ride for 10, 20, and 30 minutes or hire the quads for a morning or afternoon session. They also run both rough track days and woodland trail days so make sure you ask which one you would prefer when booking.

On the day I took part in this activity the quads were being used on the field track, luckily it was a sunny dry day so I didn’t get dirty, but pick a wet day and it’s a certainty you will get covered in mud.

Quad biking is a great deal of fun especially in a group so get some friends together and give the Action Centre a call.

To book telephone 01934 852 335   e-mail

Or visit their website
For a comprehensive list of activities in the south west visit the whats on Bristol  activities section of the website

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