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Nelson’s Fish And Grill, Weston-Super-Mare Review 19th April 2017

 Nelsons Bar and Grill Weston Super Mare
Nelson’s Fish and Grill is very nautical and very nice; the great man himself peers through a ship’s wheel, telescope firmly pressed presumably to his good eye on the signage above the door and within all is bleached wooden tables and floor, sky blue painted ceiling, and a wonderful carved bench shaped like a boat is moored by the door. This restaurant is all about fish, they serve other dishes from the grill but let me tell you that you would be very silly if here you passed by the sea’s fresh bounty in favour of boring old burger which you can get anywhere. Whoever sources and buys the catch knows exactly how to get the best produce, and the chefs in their turn know how to cook it.

Securing one of the best tables by the window, we admired the panoramic view of the sea which in the dimming of the early evening light was a beautiful sight. We got down to ordering at once, helped by our lovely waitress whose smile was as warm as a sunny Mediterranean afternoon; would it be seared scallops to start or mussels in cream and white wine sauce (there is a choice of sauces to go with the mussels) or perhaps deep fried whitebait? Whilst we pondered, our wine choice of rosé was served with a flourish in a rather neat ice bucket that glowed in different colours providing mood lighting for the table.

Decisions were made, mussels to start for him, and whitebait with remoulade sauce for me, followed by pan friend bream with lemon and parsley butter, and grilled Dover sole. Fish without chips is like Ant without Dec so we ordered a portion each from the sides menu. Our starters were magnificent; a tottering pile of mussels served on a glass dish with all the trimmings, finger bowl and discard plate, took some time to demolish and many paper napkins were destroyed by the end. They were delicious, as was the white wine sauce, and the cry for bread to mop it up was answered at once. I loved my whitebait with their golden fine crumb topping, being the freshest little fishes I’ve eaten in a long time.

Our main courses were faultless too, the Dover sole and bream were beautifully cooked, and I was very happy to find my sole had as a natural extra a hard roe which I really enjoyed. We finished by sharing a fine strawberry cheesecake and I think this restaurant could give some of the celebrity chef fish restaurants a run for their money; prices are reasonable, service warm and friendly and they are great with children. Look no further for the perfect end to a day out in Weston!

Jacquie Vowles

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