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Prince Of Waterloo Winford Review 19th June 2017

 Prince Of Waterloo Winford Review 19th June 2017
The Prince of Waterloo has launched a summer menu created by their new chef, Simon Hyde, just in time for the start of a real summer the like of which has not been seen here for a while. In sultry heat more suited to downtown Miami than uptown Winford, it was lovely to find refuge in the cool of the restaurant with its flagstone floor and simple wooden furniture; the building dates from the 16th century and has historical links to the Napoleonic Wars, hence the name from Wellington’s title.

Anyway, impressed as we were with the building’s august past, we were here for a jolly good dinner and lost no time in looking both at the menu and the ‘specials’ board. They sell an excellent pint of Birra Moretti on draught, ice cold, and the perfect thirst quencher whilst deciding what to order.

For starters we chose ham hock and beer mustard terrine with piccalilli, dressed mixed leaves and toast for me, and smoked trout, lemon and spring onion pâté also with leaves and toast for my husband. For the main course, I chose from the ‘specials’ board, beef stroganoff with braised rice and mixed leaf salad, and from the menu, cider battered Cornish haddock fillet, mushy peas, chunky chips and home-made tartare sauce.

Our starters arrived delivered expertly with a flourish by the landlady’s young son (obviously destined for a successful career in hospitality) and if they tasted as good as they looked we would be well satisfied. It transpired they did; the ham hock was delicious as was the delicately flavoured smoked trout pâté, both set off by the nicely dressed leaf salad.

It was just as well that we had between us and the evening only a sketchy breakfast and no lunch, as the main courses arrived most generously portioned and looking a feast fit for a king, or in this case the Price of Waterloo. I was very impressed with the beef stroganoff; it’s one of my favourite dishes but so often can be disappointing, however in this case it was properly prepared with a good cut of beef, the cream sauce was rich but lightly spicy and the rice cooked to perfection.

All the fish on the menu is fresh; no wizened battered freezer stuff here, and snow white flaky haddock with its crisp coating of cider batter was a testament to this decision – my husband loved it to the last mouthful, along with the excellent chips, and home-made tartare sauce.

We had a lovely evening and thought the meal exceptional value for money (£32.80 for two courses each) so Simon Hyde the new chef must not be allowed to hide his light under a bushel, or even the mixed leaves, but feed as many customers as possible!

Jacquie Vowles

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