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Hormonal Housewives Playhouse Weston-Super-Mare Review

Hormonal Housewives Playhouse Weston-Super-Mare Review
Hormonal Housewives is back in all its glory to entertain and amuse us women (and the occasional man, presumably henpecked into attending). If you have sensibilities they will be outraged but all in the good name of the sisterhood and in the pursuit of a wild and wacky evening, a cross between a hen night on acid and a boarding school pyjama party with smut.

My henpecked Harry did attend and was slightly nervous when he discovered he was nearly alone amongst a heaving crowd of lovely ladies hell bent on downing as much Prosecco and any kind of pink drink as possible before curtain up.

Vicki Michelle, Josephine Partridge and Julie Coombe are the eponymous hormonal housewives set to guide us through the lot of the modern woman, working by day, juggling childcare with domestic duties, the horrors of hair above and below, PMS, the eternal diet inevitably followed by the chocolate binge (or was it minge, I can’t quite remember). Anyway, these three girls lay it on the line about what it is to be a woman in the 21st century whilst making sure that the audience have a hilarious time applying it to their own situations.
 Hormonal Housewives Playhouse Weston-Super-Mare Review

Julie Coombe is a natural comedian (she also co-wrote the show) and fills it full of pink fizz, we loved the gym scene – what woman hasn’t been there? Vicki Michelle is as lovely as ever and presides over the show as a mother hen, ably supported by Josephine Partridge whose character is recently divorced and nervously dipping a toe into the murky waters of the second time around dating pool.

The show is made up of mini sketches: the woman who’s PMS leads her every month to go on a shop-lifting expedition to Lidl and the ‘waxing’ scene to horrific to describe, as well us cosy sofa chats with the three girls about womanly things you’ve always wanted to know but didn’t dare ask. To tell anymore would be too revealing….

Great fun, a rumbustious night out with plenty of fun and entertainment but not for the faint-hearted!

Jacquie Vowles

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