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The Magic Of The Beatles Abbey Road Anniversary Tour Playhouse Theater

Playhouse Theatre 
Visiting the Playhouse Theatre at Weston for the first time, ‘The Magic of the Beatles’ Abbey Road Anniversary Tour was a terrific success.  It’s a fabulous show and the ‘fab four’ in the shape of Clark Gilmour as John Lennon, David Peterson as Paul McCartney, Richard Petch as George Harrison and Joe Montague as Ringo Starr are arguably the best tribute band ever : they look like the Beatles, play music like the Beatles, and engage in a bit of scouse banter just like the Beatles.

The show begins by charting their early years when they were the world’s first boy band, surrounded by swooning and screaming teenage girls a every concert.  All the great favourites were there, She Love’s You, I Want to Hold Your Hand, All My Loving, This Boy and many more – such simple songs anchored in nothing more than young romance, now almost sixty years old but played by this group as fresh and toe-tapping as they were then. 

The group’s famous visit to America and filling the Shea Stadium was showcased, along with the appropriate costumes, giving Ringo a chance to shine with Yellow Submarine – and yes, we did all join in lustily – and more great songs, Paper Back Writer, Day Tripper and Help amongst them, songs that we thought we’d forgotten but somehow could sing every line.

The show ended with the psychedelic era ushered in by the amazing Sergeant Pepper album, plus the costumes that everyone remembers from the album cover – they looked great!  Lucy in the Sky, Penny Lane, The Egg Man, All You Need is Love brought back memories, and so many more until the end, the finale was a rousing Hey Jude with all the audience on their feet, dancing, waving their arms and singing along.  It couldn’t have been a better night out and the group said they hoped to return to The Playhouse sometime in the future and if they do, we’ll be there!

Jacquie Vowles

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