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Tel: 07878 316514
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Tel: 07878 316514
Reaper Events 
Reaper Events - Music | Cinema | Events

Follow us _on FacebookReaper Events realises that putting an event on isn’t just a question of booking an act and expecting people to turn up. It involves thought, before the booking, of the audience that you are appealing to, marketing of the event professionally to ensure the act themselves don’t play to an empty room as no-one knew they were playing and making sure the event is as professionally run as possible. We supply our own production team with our tour grade PA, lights and crew so we know every time what you can expect from us. That’s why our events are well supported and growing.

We make the musicians feel like they are much more than just a commodity, the event goers walk away after seeing and listening to a professionally run event with nothing but positive memories of what they have just experienced. 2019 will bring a lot of exciting events for the team, we’ll be putting on events in some great venues and outside too....

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Reaper Events