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The Drinks Cabinet
Old school drinking new school thinking

The Drinks Cabinet is a collective of passionate and committed Bristol based bartenders whose aim is to inspire and educate themselves and those around them through an informed and fun sharing of all things liquor. From the written to the imbibed, from the lamented to the celebrated, from local to international, a forum of debate, openness and libation liberation...

The Drinks Cabinet is a bartender school where all can learn, a peer led gathering discussing all aspects of drinking and drinking culture. We lead a twice monthly open house discussion led by bartenders in the trade talking on everything from product knowledge to bar etiquette. We at The Drinks Cabinet cordially invite you to attend; we hope to see you soon for a chat and a shared drink.

  • bar consultancy
  • private and corporate events
  • product launch
  • brand promotion
  • spirit tastings
  • bartender training
and more....