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Tel: 0117 301 8444
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Your Apartment offers you a wide selection of serviced apartments, for short- and long-term lease.

Tel: 0117 301 8444

Find us _on FacebookNobody wants to worry about hotel rules during their week off. With total privacy, you can relax with friends in your own holiday apartment: Your Apartment, your rules.

Follow us _on InstagramWith full servicing and amenities – cleaning, parking, fresh bed linen – Your Apartment provide the convenience of a hotel, with the freedom of home. And, with a 30% average saving on comparable hotels, staying with Your Apartments means you can spend more on you.

If you’re planning on relaxing with your family, Your Apartment takes the strain off. No kids running down hotel hallways, no pricey hotel restaurant meals, and with peace of mind that, this time, you don’t have to tidy up. If you’re travelling for business, Your Apartment will do the work that’s needed: no cleaning, washing sheets, and with a professional concierge services if required. And, if your business needs a longer let, we arrange everything.

Letting Your Apartment

Are you getting full value from your property? Does managing it sometimes feel more work than it’s worth?

After year’s of experience, Your Apartment bring you dependable returns, full security, and total relaxation. Your Apartment offers property owners with a guaranteed income, and always work to get the most from your investment.

We can furnish your property from top-to-bottom; ensure you get what your property deserves; and with our comprehensive insurance cover, you won’t have to worry about property management again. With Your Apartment, property owners can take a break, too.