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Transport services in Weston

Whatson recently received and e-mail from a lady whose e-mail is printed below regarding the transport situation and details or lack of information that is available in Weston Super Mare, whatson has collated a list which can now be viewed under the Travel section. At whatson we welcome suggestions, criticisms and points of view. - Here is the e-mail that we received from Elaine Baker, a visitor to Weston Super Mare

From: Elaine Baker Sent: 18 July 2007 10:16
Subject: Weston super Mare

To the Editor, I certainly missed the boat!  Your response to my moans about web pages not giving details of public transport unfortunately failed to reach me before I set off.  However, now I am back again I shall certrainly view this aspect with interest - when I get time to do so.

I feel that North Somerset Council and the local Weston-super-Mare should not be at odds with each other, which to me, as a visitor appears to be the case.  As an example of what I consider a perfect information site comes from Guernsey which I have been visiting for a number of years.  Almost by ’return of post’ it has been possible to view precisely what is on week by week, month by month for the whole year.  There is no conflict between north and south, east and west of the island.  O.K. it is a small island but the info. is so easy to access.

On arrival, or should I say, shortly thereafter, I called in at the Tourist Information Office.  At least I ascertained there were no half day coach outings to Cheddar!  As Weston appeared full (for the whole time I was there) of people of my age and considerably older who obviously did not have cars, I found it thoroughly annoying not to have such a simple pleasure available.  Full day trips were available and the half days would be restored once the school holidays commenced. 

I fail to understand why the Tourist Information office did not have a ’sandwich board’ for instance either outside or somewhere immediately visible inside showing ’What’s on in Weston’ for the whole of the comming week.  Pure chance saw me at the RSPCA or Whitehouse Kennels of Lympsham event on the Beach Lawns.  I think that was the name of the Kennels, and then the 2 final acts of the two day music and dance event in Grove Park!  And I do have to say, those acts were absolutely worthwhile catching.  Both were brilliant.  Well done to the lady organiser! 

That said, I still had a very enjoyable time but there is still room for improvement in both immediate information being available and a decent transport system.

Thanks for hearing me out.

Kind Regards,  Elaine